Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello Blogging World!!!!

Now I can be a part of the blogging world, there are so many exciting things that happen in my life and now everyone can hear about them!! Ha Ha! I have been trying to redocorate my room, when it started out I was just gonna add a few things of color, but I have gotten a little out of control. I think Im gonna paint the walls and everything. One of the first things I bought was a comforter, and I loved it, after I put it on my bed I realized there was a hole in it, not in the seems or anything but right in the middle of the material!!!!! I was soooo mad, I bought it at Kohls, where I work, but they don't have any more the size I need, they got a new shipment in, but they got every size but the one I need, So I'm gonna have to try a different one, but that's not the worse part, at about 4:30 this morning my dog Pixie threw up on the comforter, but I cleaned it right away and it came out, so I can still return it. Kohls can't sell it anyway cause it has a hole in it, so I won't feel bad for returning it for a new one, at least that's what I'm telling myself!! Then Pixie just kept throwing up every hour or two, poor little girl, shes been sick all day!!!


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Yeah for blogging! I love Ya!