Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Me?

This week has gone by pretty slow, but yet fast at the same time!! I had to work Friday and Saturday night, usually I only have to work one weekend night, but at least they give me Sundays off!! Friday night the air went out, and it was sooo hott, but we got through it. Then I came in on Saturday and it was still not fixed!!! I think it was in the 90s that day too!! I was pretty much drenched in sweat the whole night, it was discusting!! Customers kept asking if the air was out or if it was just them, a lot of the women thought they were having hot flashes, haha, seriously it was funny!! But the best people were the ones who would like to tell us the air was out as if they were the first one to notice!! Workin in retail has made me realize how many stupid people there are in the world. So pretty much it was hot!

Today I had to teach primary, I had been gone for a couple of weeks so they were excited I was back, it's nice to feel wanted. I think I have the wildest class, but they keep me entertained, the little boys think I'm beautiful, and the little girls always love my clothes and jewelry. One little boy even told me he liked my smile, it was pretty cute, I have to admit. Today they were bein wild and I had to leave the room to get somethin, so I told them there was a camera in the room and I would be watching them, they kept lookin for it the rest of the class. I also told them the Bishop was watchin them, so they better be good, or he was gonna come, but that didn't work casue some of them were happy that he would come. Another little girl kept telling me she was cold and wanted to "snuggle", I was thinkin yeah I'd like to snuggle too, but not with you!!! Then I told her, "well, we don't always get what we want do we?" I always find a way to through a good life lesson at them!! Ok I didn't really tell her that, but it would have been funny!


Matt-Whitney said...

Love the top part of your blog. Girl Im amazed with my patients how DUMB people are. I have patients call and say Im having chest pain can I get into see the doctor. NO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM gosh does it really take someone to tell you that. I have also had a patient call and say I have been bleeding really bad can I see the doctor. No if your that bad go to the EMERGENCY room yeah come to find out the patient had to have 3 units of Blood PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB!!!! So I undersand your pain. Thats when you want to beat your head on the wall.

TheTennesseeWilliams said...

Oh mercy, I have been in Primary and wont go back. I would rather go inactive then go back to primary! It takes a strong person to deal with that many kids that age and that aint me!

Becca said...

so, I always seem to work retail even though I'm fully aware that I hate stupid people!