Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weird Day!

When I first started workin at Kohls I thought my manager(who is a man) was gay. He acted very feminine! But, after workin with him a few times, he started makin random comments about how he thought I was hott, and telling me that I always give him intimate looks. It made me feel uncomfortable, obviously, cause I wasn't doin anything, I mean, I thought he was gay!!! But, after a few weeks I learned that he was not gay, and that he had been turned in before for sexual harassment!! The guys like 40 too!! He hadn't said anything to me in a while, but last night I had to go into a stock room with him, and he said "now, I know how you are, so don't pounce on me when we go in here"! I just looked at him like he was an idiot! And he jus laughs!! Then later he comes and finds me and says "now, i know you have a crush on me, but I have a girlfriend" once again, I give him a dumb look, and jus laugh, it jus seems like he probably shouldn't be sayin that stuff to me!! He is really nice, and everyone loves him!! He's a cool manager to work for. Am I over reacting? I think not!! So on top of all that!! I have a friend there, who I recently found out is a Lesbian!!!! Last night, her and her "ex-girlfriend" were standin in an isle, I came walkin up and my friend tells me that her "ex" doesn't like the way I dress, said it was too 80's!!! Let me remind you this girls is wearing some nasty dirty guy jeans, with an old t'shirt, whith short hair, and gages in her ears!!! I on the other hand was wearing black capris, with a silky green shirt! I looked pretty hott!! I just made a few jokes and went akwardly on my way! Later my friend comes up to me and says "Don't worry about my friend, I like the way you dress, it's very appealing!" who even uses that word? I was like Ok, thank you, that was weird! Some times I have to call this girl on the phone, and when she knows it's me calling, she will answer the phone in the following ways...Hello Sweetie! or Hey Babe! I jus think its weird!! Once again, do you think I am over reacting? Then when she was all done in her department she came to mine, and followed me around, talkin to me, tellin me stories that I do not want to hear!! Any joke I say, she thinks it is sooooo funny!! Then later she tells me that her ex-girlfriend will probably come back in, but she will not be nice to me, because she's always mean to people that she is "talking to". So, they both scare me a little!! What should I do?? I feel like I'm writing Ann Landers!!

signed, Lookin for love in ALL the wrong places


Matt-Whitney said...

LOL you poor girl!! Holy SMOKES I would be freaking out. least your a lot calmer then I would be ha ha. I would be like I have to quit this place I work with some FREAKS!!! Your Manager I would report becasue he sounds half crazy that girl I would just not worry about. Bless your heart its always something huh?

Nicole said...

Why does crazy stuff always happen to you? People are so crazy. I would try to stay as far away from both of them as possible! Weirdos! You are so nice and friendly and laugh so much that they probably think it is okay to say stuff to you. Maybe if you start looking at them like they are stupid they will realize that they are in fact idiots. Or, we could have Rob sue your manager, whatever works for you!

Becca said...

so, first of all...I don't concider it sexual harrasment UNTIL you tell him that you don't appreciate that kind of talk and it makes you uncomfortable being that he is like 40 and your are so not! Then if he does it again that's when you report it. Don't put up with it! You are way too sweet and you do laugh at stuff that makes you weirded out so like Nicole said stop laughing.

Now, as far as the lesbian that thinks your hot and it "talking to you" just tell her that you don't want any part of her ex-girlfriend and her drama. You've got enough drama with the GUYS you like and you don't need Lesbian drama added to it! You might want to add that you prefer the Guy drama!!!

Lots of love and good luck!

Keaven said...

Sorry girl... I'm so glad I'm married... saves on the Drama! And no advice here really... I think you've already gotten some great ones!

Jeanette said...

HaHaHaHa!!!! Thanks everyone!! This makes me feel better! I will stop laughin, I think that might work!!

Laura Lucille said...

Head for the hills!!

And, stop laughing. And, when your manager says another inappropriate comment say, "This is sexual harassment, and I don't have to take it". I learned that in a new employee video I had to watch when I worked for Wal-Mart way back when:) Seriously, though, I want to give that man a piece of my mind. Sue him, Rob!!

P.S. marriage doesn't make you immune to sexual harassment or lesbian encounters. Hope that doesn't disappoint you.

Amanda and Steve said...

Turn his sorry *beep* in for harassment! But do as I say and not as I did, or didn't. I had similar experience when I worked at Ross Dress for Less (or as my friend calls it Ross Cross Dress for Less). A guy worked there who would sometimes wear a black mesh shirt so that his thick chest and back hair came through it. I didn't get as many blatent comments as you, but I did get one about some panties fitting me that I was putting on a hanger. And his girlfriend worked there and she was so nice (although a little "butch")! I probably should have turned him in but I didn't have as much evidence as you do. And he wasn't my MANAGER which is even worse!

And, no, being married doesn't protect you from drama and weirdos. Freaks don't care if you have a ring on your finger.