Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here is me braving the snow, I got a lot of attention that night, this is what this town has been missin, some of my hottness! Hahahahahaahahaha
So, it's been quite some time, so much exciting stuff has happened in my life that I can't begin to sum it up now, so I will jus start from today!!! You know how I was dreading comin back to Rexburg right? Well, it's actually not that bad, I'm not sayin I love it and I want to live here my whole life, but It has been kinda fun so far. It didn't snow for the first two weeks I was here, it was actually sunny and weird, but I liked it! Then Friday it started snowing and it hasn't really stopped since!! The roads are so Icy today, right out my window is a round about, so after church my roomates and I all piled on my bed, and watched people driving too fast slide all around, it was actually scary, but very intertaining!! One car stopped then the one comin behind couldn't so he jus ran right into the other guy, we even saw one guy who was for about two seconds in mid air( he was walkin, and bein stupid, so he deserved it) then he landed HARD on the side of his body, very funny!! he walked it off, but I know it hurt!!! It was like from a movie, because people didn't want to run into the cars in front of them, so they would turn, and plow right into the snowbanks! But then the dang sand man came around and ruined all our fun!!

There was a fireside tonight, but we were scared to leave our apartment after watchin that, so we werent goin to go, but then some boys came and convinced us to ride with them, so we did! We were goin along fine up a hill, then the car in front of us stopped for some reason, so we lost all momentum and couldn't get goin again, so we had to turn and slide around in the middle of the street and go down the hill, we tried to stop to turn down the street where we live, but.... WE COULDN'T!!!! So, we just kept goin all the way to the bottom til it was flat, we finally made it to the fireside, be we had to park a little ways away cause we didnt want to go back up the hill. It was cold and very icy!!! THEEEEEN... on the way home everything was good til we came to our apt. complex, the people in front of us tried to turn in but couldn't stop, so they jus kept goin, we thought we could make so we turn, then all the sudden we are jus slidin in a circle!! AHHHHHH!! We were screamin, and laughin, cause we figured we couldnt get too hurt in the snow????? But, we ended up turned the right way on the OTHER side of the road, so we just casually turned right into our apartments!! It for real could have been on a movie!! I wish I had pictures! I will put up pictures later of my sledding adventures from yesterday, we went to some potato farms and it was very fun, I even got to see millions and millions of potatoes in one of those weird barn things!!! I wish I had my camera then!!!! As much as I love and am attached to my camera I have now, I am thinking about buying a new one, does anyone know of a good one? The ones I want are waaay too expensive, so I don't know whats the middle of the road, all I know is go big or go home??!! Maybe I should just go all the way!!!