Saturday, March 7, 2009

I need a jeep!

For real, this is not a joke!! I have this feeling deep inside me that won't go away, it whispers to me to buy a sweet Jeep Wrangler! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember! I had a realization today, I keep waiting around for things to happen, but after a few years I need to realize that I have to make things happen! This is my basic thought, " I'm probably not gonna find a boy anytime soon to take me to do all things I want to do, so I'm just gonna do them myself! These things include having a hott( yes with 2 Ts) Jeep, I need this so I can go camping, hiking, snowboarding, just to look hott and play cool music with the top off in the summer! And how awesome would I look coming and going to the gym in my cute little gym outfit, hoppin in and outta the jeep? Strap a bike on the back and find cool biking trails, fishing( I might still need a boy for this one) but maybe not, pull a boat! Anything I want, I can do! I'm thinkin maybe I thought all these years what I was missing was a man in my life, but life is clear now, what I really need is a Jeep to fill that void!!! I've seen the light!!!!! Ok, so if anyone knows of someone that wants to sell me a jeep or give me one, thatd be cool, let me know!


Becca said...

I have a great jeep. I just don't think Justin will give it up. It's one of his favorite Hot Wheels! btw-jeeps are way better than boys!

Nicole said...

You are funny! Couldn't you do some of the same stuff in a sweet Nissan Sentra?

Laura said...

I am dying right are hillarious!!! I think you should buy one, fully support your thought process!! :)